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Increased Sensitivity for Protein Detection

Leading to Both enhanced Biomarker and Drug Discovery

Zdye,LLC has been established to license, develop and market Zdye products for proteomics and diagnostic applications. Zdye is currently developing a family of unique, multicolor fluorescent dyes (Zdyes) with properties optimized for protein detection in proteomics

Zdye has a team of leading scientists who will continue to provide a the state of the art tools for the biomedical and proteomics fields.

In a broad perspective, we think that with its outstanding products and excellent team of scientist and management leadership, Zdye will be in a strong position to create an internationally competitive company targeting proteomics and diagnostic technology


ZDYE Protein Complex Benefits
  • Increased Sensitivity for Protein Detection
  • Improved Protein Recovery
  • Enhanced Identification of ProteinsLeading to Both enhanced Biomarker and Drug Discovery
    Leading Edge Technology

    The Zdyes are initially being applied in 2D gels, which have the advantage that the occurrences of most of the protein modifications that control cellular regulation create new spot positions on the gels.  Zdye labeling increases protein solubility and appears to be effective for studying membrane or other difficult proteins.  The Zdyes fill major gaps in proteomic technology by providing: 1) Increased global protein detection sensitivity, 2) improved quantification of differential protein levels and changes in post-translational modification in response to biological stimuli, and 3) enhanced protein recovery for identification by mass spectrometry.

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